How to be successful with WordPress

woman helping man with working with WordPressHaving worked with WordPress for 10 years now and taught courses for the last five, my main advice to anyone starting out is to accept there’s a learning curve involved, one that’s actually quite steep for the majority of people.

Businesses abound selling other businesses marketing solutions that include setting them up with a WordPress website. However, what these companies don’t provide, in my experience, is support beyond the very basics of learning to add text, images and video.

The outcome from insufficient training and support is too many WordPress websites that never fulfil their potential as lean, mean marketing machines. I’d go as far as saying the ‘drivers’  of the vast majority of WordPress websites never get them out of first gear!

First top tip for working with WordPress

Do some background research about WordPress before you start, using Google!

Which research method you choose will depend on your budget, either DIY which can take many hours, or by consulting someone who actually works with WordPress (actually ‘does it’ rather than ‘selling it’). Whatever ‘getting up to speed’ route you follow, I can’t stress the importance and value of completing your homework.

It may well be that WordPress will be ‘just the ticket’ for what you need, but on the other hand there are plenty of other options for developing a website that might better suit your needs now and in respect of any future developments plans.

Second top tip for working with WordPress

Did you know there are two versions of WordPress? There’s the .org version that most people tend to go for, often because they didn’t know the other existed. However, there are plenty of good reasons why businesses would be wise to consider the .com version (that doesn’t require you to take on a hosting package to be paid for as with the .org version).

Third top tip for working with WordPress

Don’t try and do it alone! There is a learning curve associated with learning to use WordPress  Whether your preferred learning style is via book, video or individual teaching sessions, get something in place before you start or frustration will set in fairly quickly, along with sapping of motivation .

Accept from the start the need to follow a video or 10, buy a book, or seek 1:1 guidance that delivers education and answers to questions that meet your specific business requirements.

Fourth top tip for working with WordPress

Read some blog posts, here and elsewhere, to better understand how WordPress websites (both the .com and .org versions) can be developed to become a powerful marketing machine, utilising social media, sales pages, calls to action, email marketing and much, much more.

5 reasons to consider working with WordPress

Business benefits of using WordPress

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Fifth top tip for working with WordPress

woman sitting in front of computerTake a short-cut to finding out whether WordPress, or even which version of WordPress to use. Decide which WordPress version fits best with your business needs, your business budget and your technical expertise.

Here’s my offer of help. For some no-obligation guidance on whether working with WordPress would be the best choice for you and your business contact me, Susan Collini.

I’m happy for you to connect with me on LinkedIn or on Twitter, if you’d rather. I’m pretty busy with supporting clients and configuring WordPress sites, but I will get back to you I promise.

Whether you’re a sole trader who needs a website but knows little about the subject, a manager who’s fed up with having to wait for a developer to update their site, or a marketing agency who want to utilise WordPress for their clients, I can help with advice and practical support/training in how to be successful with WordPress.

What I do and for whom

You can read what people say about working with me over on my web development site at Website Wings, my other website. Via both sites I provide business development services, providing the tools and know-how required for effective online marketing. I also provide a range of services involved with setting up websites on both and

I’ve delivered training in WordPress, blogging, social media basics, website development and online marketing for Northampton University, The Prince’s Trust and the Federation of Small businesses. Over the last 5 years I’ve delivered in excess of 200 training days to business owners across the East Midlands and written and delivered courses related to ‘Web Development’, ‘Developing Effective Web Content’ and ‘Working With WordPress’ for the eBusiness Club.


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