A great looking website is not the key to success, but a great looking website with lots of quality content is!

Your website should ‘speak’ to your target market, by providing the information they’re looking for etc. etc.– sounds so obvious doesn’t it?

Why then are over 80% of websites considered “not fit for purpose”. Is it that the majority of website owners are hopeless? I don’t think so! It’s more a case of lack of time, lack of budget, coupled with lack of insight into what really matters these days, if you want to get ahead online.

Who and what is an expert?

For those that think that handing over their website and online marketing provision to an ‘expert’ provider is the key to success, let me tell you many end up very disappointed. Ever heard the phrase “In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King”?

I’ve heard dozens, in fact hundreds of stories from sole traders to big businesses who’ve been seduced by the lure of pretty sites full of shiny stuff, sold by slick sales people. If there was ever an argument to be made for the value of education to help businesses be more savvy on the best way to invest time and money for website and online marketing solutions, this is it..!

So, stop being an Ostrich and get your head out of the sand. Take some time to get better informed, either by attending a course or seeking independent advice to help you make better informed decisions on options for websites and other things that will best suit you, your time, your budget and your online marketing goals.

We can help you enjoy greater success with online marketing

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Read on for tips on WordPress websites

I see a lot of selling of WordPress websites for unrealistic prices, often as low as £250.

Actually, did you know, you can get a WordPress website for free, yes free! Did you know WordPress is what’s called Open Source and can be downloaded from the internet by clicking on a button at WordPress.org.

Did you know that you can buy a cheap hosting package for £1.99/month and do a one-click install and ‘hey presto’ you have a WordPress website?

So, why would you want to pay £150, £180, £200 for a WordPress solution that promises you a website of 6 pages, and includes a blog and a contact page? Hey, I could knock one of those up in under an hour, in fact even half an hour!

What these providers don’t tell you is the learning curve you will need to embark on to learn how to use WordPress, or the security issues you need to be aware of when running a WordPress site. Ah, yes – guess what, they’ll do that for you for a small monthly charge, or you can do it for free. Sorry…what do you mean, you don’t want to deal with Servers?!

With WordPress it’s very much a case of once you know, it’s a fantastic place to be, but there’s more to know than people are led to believe when they first get involved with using it.

For the complete beginner to working with WordPress it can become very frustrating, time-consuming and draining on your enthusiasm for really getting stuck into developing what can become a very powerful online marketing machine.

Learn how to develop your standard car into a Ferrari

When you really get to grips with the basics of working with WordPress and understand how the website, blog and social media work can work pretty seamlessly together, then you’re ready on the starting grid. You’re then in a position of strength, ready to finely tune your WordPress site from being a fairly standard basic car into a Ferrari, a potentially high performance online marketing machine.

Put a poor driver in a great car and they won’t do as well as a good driver in a great car, simples!

Get independent advice to make better informed decisions

It’s got to be the best way to get better informed about what you really need online, rather than being sold a solution purely on what the actual provider you’re talking has experience of working with!

contact me for 15 minutes of free impartial advice  about:

  • Website development options – the pros and cons and costs involved
  • Ecommerce options, to best fit what you need rather than what a provider suggests
  • Where to start with online marketing, and how much effort to allocate to social media, blog, email marketing or website.
  • Which social media platforms will best benefit your business and should you work with one or several?
  • Working with WordPress, the pros, the cons and the real costs involved.
  • Website hosting options, which to choose and why – it matters, believe me!
Susan Collini

Susan Collini

Susan Collini supports businesses with developing resources to help them market their products and services online.

WordPress is Susan’s specialist subject.

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