Be your own website developer

Considering the pros and cons

DIY websites – the future beckons

It’s an exciting and heady prospect, setting out to be your own website developer. In fact it’s possible to get a website up and running without knowing a single thing about coding (the stuff behind the scenes that makes it all work).

In many ways it’s liberating to feel that you can be empowered to become your own website developer, with support as and when needed.

Learn to develop & manage your own website, simply!

Come on in, the water is warm and lovely

Adverts abound with website builders shouting loudly that their solution is not only easy, but powerful and best of all “free”. However, as with most things offered for free, there’s a catch! With website builders the catch is only discovered once you’ve signed up and spent some time inside the store. In many ways it’s liberating to feel that, if you want to, you can be your own website developer – think of the money you’ll save!

The catch

The model used by free website build companies is called the “Freemium model” which isn’t me making a spelling error (although I can do those as well as anyone else).

Once you start developing your website with these Fremium models there will come a point, fairly soon into your project, where you’ll find you can’t ‘do something’ unless you pay the company for what’s essentially an upgrade.

The people who are already paying for what started off as a free website, are in fact subsidising those who are being attracted through the front door with the tempting offer of developing their website for free.

Bale out or stay in?

Now you may think that people would just bailout once they found out there was something to pay. However, in reality they don’t.

Why? Because by the time the pop-up box appear asking for money they’ve probably spent several hours getting to grips with the system and frankly would rather pay what’s being asked than have to start all over again – clever isn’t it?

The better alternative

Don’t dive in and risk landing on the rocks. Take some time to get better informed about what’s available and what’s going to be most suitable for your business, now and in the future.

This is where I can be of help, delivering support either face to face, over the phone or via email, providing you with not just general guidance but help that’s specific to your need.

A question to ask yourself

How much is your time worth?

You can spend hours trying to find out how to do something, when I could not only provide you with the answer but tailor the explanation to your preferred learning style, video tutorial, annotated pictures, written description, talk-through…the options are many and varied.

Working with me , rather than trying to do it all yourself, will save you money and time in the long run because you’ll then know how to do it., so you won’t need me or anyone else…!

Contact me, Susan Collini and let’s have a chat.

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