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Want a website you can manage yourself, adding text, images, video etc? Let’s face it, these days that’s exactly what people want and WordPress is arguably the best solution for the job.

I’ve been running courses on how to make a website with WordPress since 2010 and always enjoy viewing websites developed as a result. I’ll be presenting several courses in the East Midlands on ‘Getting started with WordPress’ for the eBusiness Club during 2014.

I’m going to feature two WordPress websites here, developed by past students, as examples of what can be achieved after attending the course.

Why I start people on

There are two versions of WordPress and you can find out more about the differences by reading  ‘what is WordPress?’

I start everyone on because it’s free to set up (no hosting account required) and offers almost exactly the same Dashboard interface to work with. I can also be confident that students have a  website to take home to familiarise themselves with, without the added burden of having to be concerned with security issues, as is the case with a self-hosted website.

Once the fundamentals of working with WordPress are grasped, then is the time to consider the more powerful – if in fact it’s really needed (which very often it isn’t). The beauty of is the facility to easily migrate the content to using the ‘export’, ‘import’ option available via the Dashboard (where you manage the website).

Training in how to make a website with WordPress

The next course on building a website with WordPress takes place on

25th May in Leicester

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on the course:

  • Setting up a WordPress website
  • customizing a theme
  • Working with page layouts
  • Optimising images for the website/blog
  • Formatting text and images in Pages and Posts
  • Basic and custom menu management, including drop-down menu items
  • Adding video and working with the media library
  • Using Categories and Tags
  • Adding hyperlinks (links to other web content)
  • Adding a contact form
  • Setting scheduling & privacy options for Posts and Pages
  • Adding social sharing buttons
  • Integrating your social media feeds (Twitter/Facebook etc)
  • Adding an email subscription box

Diane Hickling’s experience of learning WordPress

woman's smiling face wth short brown hairAs a small Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast owner I realise the importance of not only having a professional looking web site but also to have the ability to constantly keep it up to date and informative for potential guests and customers.

I had been searching for a WordPress Course for some time and was delighted to discover that there were dates available on a course run by the eBusiness Club which would have me up and running with a website over the course of a day.

Susan was an excellent tutor and I found the training day tremendously informative. It was important to me to understand the how to work with WordPress and get the basics right so I could  continue building my website after the course.

The accompanying book Susan had written was and still is very useful as a reference resource and I left at the end of the day feeling confident I had the foundations to take my website forwards.

I was also amazed and excited by the seemingly limitless options available for website development using, with the option to migrate my website to when I grew more confident in my WordPress abilities.

I am delighted with the website for Belvoir Bed & Breakfast I have now, which I went on to develop on with some professional help with some aspects I didn’t feel very confident with. However, I am confident to manage the website on my own, after attending the course and so pleased I had the opportunity to start my WordPress journey with Susan. It’s been great to be able to update my website with confidence, as and when I want too. website built by Joanne Withers

woman with long dark hair wearing leather biker jacketI felt the ‘Getting started with WordPress’ course I attended was highly successful. The structure of the day was simple and the number of people just enough, so I was able to follow as part of a group, but get individual help when required.

Susan’s approach was friendly and clear on guiding everyone in how to make a website with WordPress. The course, run by the eBusiness Club, also provided a book which has proved invaluable to refer to on many occasions, months beyond the course!

I’m not a technical person, but the course really helped me gain a working understanding of how WordPress functions, so I can update website/blog content myself without having to keep getting in touch with my website designer.

I was amazed that I could build the website on my own, add widgets, links and get it to flow. The course is well worth attending, if you’re planning on using WordPress to build a website and want to get up to speed with how to use it properly, quickly.

What I learned on the eBusiness course became all the more relevant when my husband and I were approved to be volunteers overseas. It’s been great to be able to create a website and blog using WordPress so we’re able to share our Raleigh International adventure with everyone while we’re away.  So long as we have an internet connection we’ll be able to publish and share content wherever we are!

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