What’s the best website development solution?

The answer to this depends on who you talk to, or what you happen to be reading. However, I consider the answer depends on the following:

  • How technically-minded you are
  • The time you have available, realistically, to give to a web development project
  • Your budget, now and in the future

One thing’s for sure, the idea that once you’ve ‘got’ a website you can forget it and leave it have well and truly gone. These days you need to be updating content and also, to an extent, the visual appearance on a regular basis. If you’ve got to pay someone else to do that for you it can get expensive.

So, answering my own question really “What’s the best web development solution”, the answer has got to be one that delivers what you need as a business tool, now and in the future. A website that you or your staff can not just manage on a day to day basis with confidence, but can integrate third-party applications such as email marketing and event booking, to name but a few.

How Wings Academy can help your business

people standing round a computer with teacher demonstrationI’ve worked in the web development business for about 10 years now and have seen a lot of changes, both in terms of the solutions and client requirements. I also know that promises of a few hours of training when a website developer hands over the keys to the website owner, isn’t enough. So, I’ve developed another route for clients, that empowers them to take charge of their website, with confidence and ongoing enthusiasm.

The satisfaction the client experiences  is mirrored by my own feelings of job satisfaction. It’s a win-win situation with the ‘Wow factor’ for the client being contained in the excitement of growing empowerment.

Read all about it – from a client who’s just travelled the web development journey

I’m a great believer in feedback, helping me improve the services I provide for businesses. To this end I send out a questionnaire, once the client website finally goes ‘live’. So, here’s one I received a week or so ago.

Q – What factors made you want to develop your own website?

A lack of funding and the need to be free of a developer charging large fees for making changes led us down this road. Our business is changing rapidly and we didn’t want to continually pay out large amounts for a new website in a couple of years’ time.

Q – What were your emotions when you embarked on the training and learning process?

Utterly lost and overwhelmed by the size of task and my lack of previous knowledge. I just use websites – I don’t build them! They were totally alien to me and I had no confidence in being able to get my head around the complexity.

Q – Did you feel the training materials were personalized and delivered in a way that suited your preferred learning style?

The learning materials were personally tailored not only to my business but to my situation. I work alone so I am constantly interrupted. The delivery method developed by Susan allowed me to pick up my training quickly, refresh my mind and get up to speed really easily. Susan spent many hours talking with me and she got to know what would suit my work situation and level of technical ability.

Q – At what point in the training process did you began to feel excited about what you were learning and being able to do yourself?

When the training began and I started to play around with WordPress. It clicked really quickly and I was surprised how, with training the site became intuitive and familiar. Because the training was delivered in easily digestible chunks, I rarely had to refer back to the modules to refresh my memory. It went in and stayed there.

Q – What have been the main benefits to you from training delivered to develop your own website on WordPress?

I don’t feel daunted by our website. I feel our business can respond quickly to change. I’ve realized how easy and quick it is to make changes and confident that we can refresh the site when it looks tired. I like how WP is so flexible and has so many options – ideal when your business is developing.

Q – Do you think the training and support you’ve received has helped build your confidence and self-esteem?

Very much so. Without the training I could never have attempted any of this. It has helped me develop the confidence to take the business forward, be ambitious about our offer and create a vision for our future success.

 Q – From your experience, what would you say to someone who was considering the option of training with Susan to learn to use and manage WordPress confidently.

Oh do it! At the end of it you’ll be in total control of your own site and future site development direction. It’s a skill you will carry with you, whatever your future throws at yo,. and it’s not anywhere near as scary as you think.

Q – Do you think the costs involved represented value for money

Massively. Training with Susan at Wings Academy  has saved our business thousands of pounds in the long-run. Also, knowing future support is there, when we need it, is a huge weight off my mind.

Q – Any other comments?

This has been a truly enjoyable experience and a real pleasure to work with Susan, an expert and a true star.

Helen Swift – Bakewell Town Hall


screenshot of ebusinssclub websiteIn the courses I’ve delivered all over the East Midlands on website development and developing effective web content, I use the phrase “self-recommendation is no recommendation” as a phrase to illustrate that it’s not down to what ‘you’ say, but others that sells products and services these days.

The web development option above is not going to be for everyone, but if you think it could be just what you’re searching for, to get yourself and others in your business ‘up to speed’ with confidence, then please get in touch with Susan Collini, via the contact page or phone me on 01832 733457.

I’m happy to have a no-obligation chat, in the first instance. What have you got to lose?


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