Twitter tips for beginners

When you first start to use Twitter it’s often hard to get over an initial shyness of tweeting at all.

Once you’ve  gained a bit of confidence it’s then ever so easy to compose tweets that take you over the 140 character limit, which means your message is cut short. (140 characters includes spaces between words)


Keeping tweets under 140 characters is easy is you use a management tool such as Hootsuite, because there’s a ‘count down’ indicator in the ‘compose message’ box. However not everyone wants to have to learn to manage a social media dashboard when they first start using Twitter.


I’ve come across a free tool, lettercount, which you might find useful. All you do is copy and paste your proposed tweet into the box and the number of characters it contains is processed.

If you’re over the 140 character limit you can edit your tweet by removing/replacing some of the words, for example,  ‘and’ with &.

Once you’re happy with your tweet you can then just copy/past the result into your Twitter account tweet box and publish.

If you are wanting to use the tweet to link to a web page then it’s worth while having a look at a link-shortener such as You have to set up an account to use, but it’s a free service.

screenshot of bitty web page

Posting photos on Twitter

Beginners sometimes find this aspect rather confusing, but it’s quite simple. You just click on the camera icon at the bottom of Tweet box (where you type your tweet) and then choose a photo to upload. Twitter takes care of the link format for you automatically.

Here’s more help on posting photos to Twitter.

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