Businesses need online marketing

Using the internet to promote business services or products is now on just about every business agenda, but training investment in the skills required for successful online marketing is surprisingly not high on the agenda of many businesses.

Online marketing tools such as Twitter and LinkedIn are free and fairly straightforward to set-up and start to use, but learning to use them effectively is another matter.  Attending courses is another option, but they often deliver what can best be termed general guidance rather than specific to what you want/need to know.

At this point weI’d like to ask you 3 questions?

  1. How much time are you prepared to waste searching for the guidance you actually need?
  2. Do you really understand what you’re doing in pursuit of success with online marketing?
  3. What returns are you looking for from online marketing?

What is online marketing?

Online Marketing involves using the Internet to build awareness, engage with potential customers with the aim of promoting products and services. This is typically achieved through use of a website/blog and social media networks, along with email marketing and maybe even paid promotional advertising on places such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google.

The resources required for successful online marketing are:

  • An online presence in places where your potential customers are most likely to be.
  • Quality content produced specifically for the audience where it will be published.
  • Commitment to produce and publish quality, new content on a regular and ongoing basis.
  • Appreciation that whilst many online resources are free to set-up, they are not easy to use effectively.
  • Time to invest in learning new skills.
  • Persistence to keep marketing online in the medium-long term.
  • Budget for investment in developing the skills you need, or to pay someone else to do the work for you.

How we can help you

Providing training and support, specific to your needs.

  • We can help you identify the way forwards and the best methods to achieve your goals.
  • We can teach you skills for the specifics you need, rather than a broad-brush approach usually associated with online marketing training.
  • We can work with you face-to-face or online, or a mixture of the two.

How we would support you with online marketing

  • We would undertake an audit of your presence online, with reference to competitors.
  • We would listen, ask questions and then help you implement strategies best suited to individual need and available resources.
  • We would set-up new, or work with you on improving existing online resources identified as those most likely to deliver benefit.

How would you benefit from online marketing training and support?

  • You would identify where and how to focus on what you do need, rather than what you think you need.
  • You would learn how to define outcomes and develop techniques to make them happen.
  • You would have mentor monitoring what you do online, ready with tips and advice for improving approach and method.
  • You would have someone nudging you along, who also has the technical skills to help you when required.

What do other people say about working with us?

The “proof of the pudding is in the eating”, so the best way of deciding if you might like to consider working with me is by reading what people say.

Catherine Simpson and I have worked with people in all kinds of business sectors, B2B, B2C, Commercial and Charity organisations, for sole traders, start-up businesses and those employing many hundreds of people.

Catherine Simpson has a background in working with businesses, delivering successful marketing strategies. Catherine also has qualifications as a social media trainer and has delivered courses all over the East Midlands.

Susan Collini is an experienced website developer of some 10 years standing, specialising in providing online marketing solutions that take clients beyond just delivery of a website. Susan train’s clients in how to manage their own websites and how to create content that provides effective CTA’s (Calls To Action). Susan has also delivered many training courses on ‘Working with WordPress’, ‘Developing Effective Web Content’ and ‘Planning A Successful Website’.

What we’d need from you

  • Commitment to implement strategies.
  • Persistence to keep producing and publishing content as outlined in strategies.
  • Availability, because without regular and ongoing face-to-face/phone contact the momentum of what we’d be trying to achieve will be lost.
  • Realism of the fact that online marketing is slow-burn not quick return.

Got what it takes to be successful with online marketing?

If you think you’re geared up to learn online marketing DIY then please give us a call for a short, no obligation, chat.

An initial conversation is a good way to establish whether we’re likely to be able to work together effectively and if I’m the best choice to benefit your desired outcome.

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