Getting bogged down by your blog?

If you’re serious about your online marketing then writing blog posts is a requirement, but regular production can become a chore.

Just about every client I work with experiences a dip in their enthusiasm and motivation with posting blogs. If you’re getting bogged down by your blog then read a ‘real life’ story of how to deal with an all too common problem.

Alan’s story

“I can’t think what to write about” is a a typical response to not having published a blog post for some time and I do recognise it’s a problem shared by many. So, I thought I’d share one of my client’s experiences of how to overcome bloggers block.

Alan is a business coach  and experienced HR manager with an MA in Personnel and Development. Having recognised the need to learn about how to market his business online a year ago, Alan started working with me and now runs his own WordPress website and blog. He has also learned to use LinkedIn and Twitter effectively which, used in conjunction with his website/blog has grown his business as a direct result.

Alan is a great example of someone who knew little about harnessing the potential of online marketing and has benefitted as a result os using his website, blog and social media networks to connect, engage and spread the word about his business. Alan’s also understands the challenges of ‘keeping going’  with producing regular content on his blog and social media networks. So, to offer you words of comfort if you’re a sufferer, here’s Alan’s take on how to overcome bloggers block.

Inspiration please!

The pressures building, the website hasn’t been updated for a few weeks now but I’m still staring at a blank page. The cursor blinks waiting for a title – I have my list of Blog titles – which one shall I pick?

How did I get bloggers block?

I just got a bit too busy I suppose. Clients work, meetings, deadlines, the usual work pressures left few hours for me to write. Then there was the other family stuff cooking, taxi services etc. The Christmas and New Year break has given me some time to recharge. The deadlines are met and the New Year brings new clients. Now it’s back on the case.

How can you deal with bloggers block?

I recently read in Neil Youngs’ book “Waging Heavy Peace” that he hadn’t written a new song in a long time. He was waiting for the “moment” to get him started again so he decided to write a book instead. Write a book – now there’s a thought! Hold on a minute I can’t fill a page let alone write a chapter.

How I overcame bloggers block

I started with a New Year’s resolution that I must devote at least half a day a week to work on business development and nurturing future prospects. I’ve already had business come my way directly as a result of connections made on Twitter and LinkedIn and I know the blog posts already published have provided me with an opportunity to demonstrate and share my knowledge.

I also know that blogging helps to raise awareness of what kind of work you do, have done and hope to do in work related matters, so I started to make a collection of themes and titles focussing on:

  • What’s firing me up – what I’m passionate about
  • Hot topics in the news
  • Something that I’m working on
  • A project I’d like to work on

I started a mind map for each theme or title and as thoughts came to me, I wrote them down against the relevant themes or titles.

Don’t neglect social media networks

Keeping up to date with Twitter and Linkedin and reading other people’s blog posts, leaving comments encourages others to become connected and social.  . Keep in mind my themes and titles and add notes on the hot topics to the mind maps.

Focus on how you can help

Think about what you can write to help someone. Providing tips and information on topics you know people struggle to understand can often result in readers feeling they’ve found someone they might consider working with, or recommend to someone else.

Blogging is not a quick-fix solution to getting new customers, but they can build up a valuable online portfolio that can showcase both you work and you as a person. Well written blog posts help build trust and credibility with potential customers, which has got to make blogging worth doing?

Have you any tips for overcoming bloggers block?

Please share your ‘overcoming bloggers block’ comment below.

What next?

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