How to get found on LinkedIn

Once you’ve set up your LinkedIn account it’s really important that you spend some time ‘optimising’ the potential of your LinkedIn profile, preferably before you start to seek connections with other people.

Tips to maximise the potential of your LinkedIn profile

1. Go to the ‘Profile’  link on the top navigation bar, hover over it and ‘Edit Profile’ will appear. Click.

2. Look for the ‘Edit Profile’ button or ‘Edit profile’ link. At the side of the top 3 items you should see a little pencil mark, allowing you to ‘edit’. The 1st one down is your name, so not much to do there!

Country and Industry settings

Jump to the 3rd one down and click on the pencil icon. The dialogue box that appears requires you to set your  ‘Country’ and ‘Industry.’

linkedin profile screenshot

Use the drop down menu to identify an industry that you think will benefit you most when people do a LinkedIn search.

Professional Headline

The 2nd one down is your ‘Professional Headline’ and this is the one you want to ‘optimise’ to contain industry-related words.

linkedin profile page screenshot

To give you some help with choosing words that other people are using, in related industries to yours, click on the words “see what other  users in your industry are using.”

linkedin profile screenshot

This brings up a box with people from ‘related’ industries, which might help you with your choice of words for your professional headline.

linkedin profile screenshot

When you’ve finished ‘tweaking’ you must remember to Save before you leave the page.

Your profile photo

Whilst important that your profile photo creates a professional impression, they say a picture paints a 1000 words, remember it’s words LinkedIn members search with. Of course they can also search for you by name, which brings up your photo, your name and your Professional Headline.

Background summary

This isn’t as easy as it looks and it’s easy to write something that will not be very engaging to your profile visitors. Be prepared to tweak this, fairly regularly, to make it readable as well as factual. Remember, people don’t read web pages, they scan them!

If you get these few basics established, as soon as you’ve set up your LinkedIn profile, you won’t be missing out on potential useful connections who are searching for someone with the product/services you have to offer.

What next?

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