How you can use Twitter

I use social media on a daily basis for work and also because I enjoy the interactions and meeting interesting people.

Twitter can be what you want it to be and I’m going to be featuring guest posts where other people  share their Tweeting reasons and methods. I hope these give you some new ideas on how you can use Twitter.

Guest blogger Rowena Vaughan

One of the people I’ve met on Twitter is @rjvdesigns. We started exchanging tweets some time ago and then got into quite a conversation over my cooker that decided to implode! From there we’ve developed an awareness of each others business, alongside a Twitter friendship and willingness to help each other broaden reach.

As I like the way @rjvdesign uses Twitter I requested a guest post to provide a ‘real-life’ example of someone’s use of Twitter for business. So, without further ado, here is Rowena Vaughan’s Twitter experience.

“Susan asked me to write a short blog about my experience of Twitter and Blogging and what I have ‘got’ from it”.

Why I started Tweeting

I joined Twitter in July 2011, but only tweeted twice – well why would I tweet?  I had no idea what twitter was, the power of twitter or what twitter could do for me.  So basically I ignored it.  My account laid dormant until my professional body the BIID (British institute of Interior Designers) ran a workshop on Social Media and the Interior Designer.  Wow, was that an eye opener.  I suddenly understood; Twitter is not about inanities, it’s about making connections, it’s networking in its purest form.  For a small business it’s about reaching out and making contact with people/companies that might use your services or not.  Along the way you will tweet to and make contact with a huge variety of people, and often with people within the same industry as you.  Be assured that is a good thing!

How Twitter can help you

Why is making contact with people who work in the same or similar industry as you a good thing?  These people can and are often extremely helpful:  when you have  a problem they can help you solve it (a bit of advice, always take these discussions off Twitter and onto private email).  They discuss issues that you are concerned with.  They understand the business and will often have a solution.  This exemplifies Twitter at its best, a community of people with nothing to gain from just communing with other people, and often just being helpful.  This depends on how you personally use Twitter.

What you can get out of using Twitter

Many companies use it (Twitter) to sell and make contact with their client base, some individuals use it instead of texting their friends, some to attack and berate celebrities and other just to while away the hours, but there are many, many interesting people who want to discuss, make contact with and talk to other like-minded and interesting individuals.  I have read a number of fabulous books by Twitter authors, I have taken the advice from Twitter acquaintances, I have bought a camera on one Twitter photographer’s recommendation…….where else could you get such a broad range of help and advice so easily.

Winning with Twitter

What have I got from Twitter?  Apart from the comfort of a now useful and helpful group of Interior Designers  (working alone this is often an issue – no one to get advice from), I have won a couple of Tweeter competitions  – a scarf and some gift vouchers.  Work-wise, I have been asked to contribute to blog posts about design, my profile has been raised – and because of this I have started receive a few enquiries about work.  It’s not a quick way of raising your profile, you do need to spend some time nurturing your Twitter account, but I believe that it has been worth it. Oh, and not forgetting it can be fun!

Get Tweeting – just do it..!

What would my advice to the novice Tweeter be?  Start slow, try it out and don’t be afraid of interrupting an interesting conversation.  Tweet and make friends with different people – you never know quite where it might take you.  Twitter does take time to get to grips with, there are some social Twitter niceties, but it isn’t difficult.  As the Nike ad says – Just do it..!

More about Rowena Vaughan

To find out more about Interior Designer Rowena Vaughan visit  RJV Designs website or her blog Accentuate the Positive . You could also follow Rowena on Twitter @redesigns.

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