Tweeting with purpose

Once you’ve set up your Twitter account, after the first burst of enthusiasm sending out tweets, it’s not unusual for the frequency of tweeting to decline due to running out of knowing what you should be tweeting about. Know that feeling of wondering whether you’re tweeting with purpose, or just tweeting for the sake of it?

Following people gives you some insight into how different people use Twitter, but it can be confusing.  Guidance on using Twitter suggests  you “engage with your audience” which can be a little challenging when you don’t feel you have much of one.

Learning to use social media with purpose

Social media in general takes time to develop as effective channels of communication, much like getting to know someone in real life.  Maybe approach it as you might when you first exchange a few words with someone you see regularly at the gym or at lunchtime in the company restaurant?  The usual way being that you exchange little more than pleasantries to begin with,  progressing before long to a chat about something, often not related to work at all.

Your Twitter tone of voice

You do need to think a little about the sort of person you are going to want to project to the Twitterverse.  For some people tweeting about the day to day happenings in their lives seems to work fine for them.  It may not for you, depending  on the business you’re in and the audience you’re looking to engage with.  However, I think it’s fair to say we all respond better when we feel we’re engaging with a real person and not just a corporate persona.

Twitter lends itself to a more informal approach to communicating and can help add some personality to the more serious business intent of promoting products or services.

The more time you spend developing your Twitter feed the more your presence will be featured in the timelines of your followers.  So, in just the same manner as in person to person interactions, if you engage regularly you’ll soon become a familiar face people will recognise.  If your Tweets are engaging they’ll then users will be more likely to follow links you suggest to them.

Help with Twitter

People buy from people they know.  Seize the opportunity that Twitter can provide to get yourself known by a wide audience.  Focus more on connection and engagement. Rein in the desire to sell, sell, sell in favour of tell, tell, tell.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can find a step by step tutorial for signing up to Twitter on the Website Wings website.

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