5 top tips for working with WordPress

How to be successful with WordPress Having worked with WordPress for 10 years now and taught courses for the last five, my main advice to anyone starting out is to accept there's a learning curve involved, one that's actually quite steep for the majority of people....

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How you can develop your own website

What's the best website development solution? The answer to this depends on who you talk to, or what you happen to be reading. However, I consider the answer depends on the following: How technically-minded you are The time you have available, realistically, to give...

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Getting started with using social media

Knowing where to be on social media Just getting started with using social media and knowing which networks  to work with can seem a daunting task, never  mind considering where you're going to find the time to learn how to use them. It's sensible to consider where...

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Be better informed about what you really need online

A great looking website is not the key to success, but a great looking website with lots of quality content is! Your website should ‘speak’ to your target market, by providing the information they’re looking for etc. etc.– sounds so obvious doesn’t it? Why then are...

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5 reasons to consider working with WordPress

WordPress as a DIY website solution If you're wanting more than just a website that hangs about in cyberspace and success with online marketing is on your agenda, then building a website and blog on WordPress is my recommendation. Using WordPress as a DIY website...

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